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1, Is the lithium battery safe?

Our battery is very safe, we have multi-protection system on the battery PCB and the product's body, it can protect the vacuum cleaner from overcharging, over -discharging, over-heating.

2, How to keep the vacuum cleaner?

We have three kinds of storage way to keep the cordless vac, one is keep it on the charging storage, second is keep it by the bag, and the third is put it on the metal stand.

3. What is sunction no loss?

you can know it on three ways, first of all, our filters in the dust cup all are washable, secondly, our battery make sure the suction no change before it shut down, finally, our true multi cyclone system make sure the suction no loss

4, Is the cordless vacuum cleaner noisy?

Its noise is less 70db

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